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About Us
C.U.R.A., Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt behavior modification program, that gives men and women the opportunity to live lives free from drugs and alcohol. Clients are given the chance to change their past behavior by working on their core issues, getting an education, attending trade schools and acquiring job experience. The final goal is for participants to graduate as contributing members of society.

C.U.R.A., Inc. is fully certified and licensed by the State of California and operates Residential and Outpatient facilities in Fremont, California and a Sober Living Environment in Oakland, California.  C.U.R.A., Inc. has been in continuous operation for over 40 years.

C.U.R.A. History
C.U.R.A., Inc. began over 40 years ago by heroin addicts who lived in the Decoto area of Union City.  There was a generational problem concerning heroin in this area.  As you may know, the most popular way to use heroin is to inject it.  Injecting drugs is called "fixing".  The people living in Decoto at the time were, for all intents and purposes, Hispanic.  Fix in Espanol is "Cura".  So our savvy ancestors turned a negative into a positive and used the derogatory term to create the acronym C.U.R.A. C.U.R.A. stands for Canales Unidos Reformando Adictos, Brothers United to Reform Addicts. Although, Carnales is a Spanish term for "Brothers" or “Bro”, twenty years later we replaced “Brothers” with "Partners" because it better suited the program since we treat women as well as men.

At first, C.U.R.A. was a resource for addicts to find a way out of their addictions.  As time went on, they found that homelessness was a huge problem. C.U.R.A. became a residential therapeutic community so that addicts could stay in a safe place to address all of the problems that accompany addiction and criminality. Over our forty-three years of operation, C.U.R.A. has expanded its program to include a 51 bed co-ed Residential Therapeutic Community, a 34 bed Sober Living Environment and an Outpatient Program.

Our Mission
C.U.R.A. work is entirely focused on the complete restructuring of the individual whose life has been destroyed by chemical dependency with a final goal of supporting the individual in successfully re-integrating in the community.

By design, C.U.R.A.'s program imparts a new lifestyle supporting the individual in setting reasonable life goals and achieving them. Individuals can then learn to accept consequences of actions in advance, act responsibly toward others and the community and gain the learning and skills allowing them to successfully re-enter the community as contributing adults.

Such fundamental, personal change is achieved by giving attention to each individual's need for self-worth, self-esteem and personal dignity.

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