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The Mental Health Association of Essex County (MHAEC)

(973) 509-9777

The Mental Health Association of Essex County (MHAEC) offers a wide array of comprehensive mental health programs and services to adults, children and families. The following is a list and brief description of some of the programs and services offered by this agency:

  1. Riskin Children’s Center: High quality, low cost, comprehensive, easily accessible and culturally relevant mental health services to children ages three to seventeen. Contact Keira Hauk at 973-509-9777.
  2. Prospect House: A partial care program designed to meet the needs of individuals who have been psychiatrically hospitalized and those with severe and persistent mental illness. Contact Beverly Moore-Clark at 973-674-8067.
  3. Integrated Case Management Services (ICMS): Provides community- based, assertive and client-oriented outreach, linkage and monitoring for individuals diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness. Contact Femitchell Ashley at 973-676-9111.
  4. Center for Low-Cost Psychotherapy: Open to individuals 18 years of age and older who can benefit from outpatient therapy but cannot afford to pay private practitioners' fees. Contact Diane Travers at 973-509-9777.
  5. Prospect Employment Services: Provides supportive employment services for mental health consumers seeking to gain employment. Contact Ailene Morrell at 973-395-1000.
  6. Supportive Living Services: Designed to create permanent housing for individuals diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness. Contact Ross Croessman at 973-509-3777.
  7. Collaborative Justice Services: Provides jail diversion as an alternative to incarceration and provides effective discharge planning, linkage and referral to community resources for mentally ill offenders who re-enter the community following their release from the Essex County Correctional Facility (ECCF). Contact Deidra White at 973-509-9777.
  8. Assisted Outpatient Treatment Services: Provides court ordered mental health monitoring, intensive case management and assistance to a select group of mental health consumers who have been resistant and have had difficulty engaging in outpatient treatment. Contact Manuela Garcia at 973-842-4141.
  9. Intensive Family Support Services:  Program that supports and educates family members who have a loved one with mental illness. Contact Sandra Trzanowski at 973-509-9777.
  10. Project F.ER.S.T.: The Family Emergency Room Support Team provides on-site support, guidance and information to family members, and friends of individuals who are in the emergency room for a mental health assessment. Contact Allie Herman at 973-342-9468.
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