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Blue Light Music Program

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Blue Light Music Program

The Blue Light Music Program is a Music, Recording, and Multi-Media program for both typically developed youth and those with special needs. Taking place in a professional recording studio, participants have the opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments, operate recording technology, and record and produce their own music. 

The Blue Light Music Program provides beneficial creative experiences and increased practical knowledge for youth and may be utilized as an enrichment, recreation and leisure activity, or allied therapy.

The Blue Light Music Program is multi-sensory and incorporates various components ranging from learning basic musical concepts, to more advanced musical processes such as songwriting, recording, and video production. By participating in the program, youth have the opportunity to write and record their own songs, record their voices, create their own video content, and learn how to operate instruments and music technology. Services are delivered at Blue Light Digital Sound’s recording studio facilities. On-site and in-home services are also available.

The program serves the needs of youth by providing:

Opportunities for emotional expression in a non-threatening, non-judgemental environment relevant to the interests of the youth.

Esteem building through the accomplishment of creating personalized music and video

Opportunities for bonding with staff, parents, family, and siblings who are encouraged to participate

Motivation for positive behavior when used as part of a behavior modification program

Development of new or hidden capacities, talents, and promotion of generalized social skills

Leadership development through role and responsibility assignment during sessions which reinforce the importance of cooperation and example setting

Increased practical and vocational knowledge in operating technology

For additional information please visit,  email [email protected] or call 609-914-0230.

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Last Updated: 04/25/18